How to DIY Jennifer Lopez's Retro-Inspired Waves

How to DIY Jennifer Lopez's Retro-Inspired Waves

Start with a mid-length haircut

- Paddle brush
- 2 to 4 bobby pins
- A 1"-barrel curling iron
- Mousse or spray gel, depending on how well your hair holds a curl
- Strong-hold hairspray
- Shine spray

Hairstylist Leah de Ment of Warren Tricomi Salons used L'Oreal Professionnel products.

Here's what you'll need to DIY this look

Step 1: Start with towel-dry hair

Step 2: Curl your hair

Step 2, continued: Curl your hair

Step 3: Brush your hair

Step 4: Create a deep side part

Step 5: Hairspray

Step 6: Pin your hair

Step 6, continued: Pin your hair

Step 7: Curl your bang

After: A Jennifer Lopez-inspired glamorous wave!

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