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Expert’s Top 10: Elle Leary’s Must-Have Products for Mommies-To-Be

Expert’s Top 10: Elle Leary’s Must-Have Products for Mommies-To-Be(Source: InStyle Magazine)Being an expectant mother is no easy task—on top of dealing with your body’s constant changes, you also have to be more conscious of the ingredients in products you use, and that includes the items on your vanity.

Celebrity makeup artist and mommy-to-be Elle Leary, who has worked with Shailene Woodley and Kiernan Shipka among many others, found that she couldn’t use many of the beauty staples she loved before becoming pregnant, so she went on the hunt for safer, more-gentle options. “My beauty routine has actually done a 180! I stopped using almost all of the skincare and cosmetics I had used before, and found some amazing alternatives,” she tells InStyle.com. “I have been looking for products that I can feel confident using that deliver serious results. The list of no-no’s is long, so finding ingredients that wouldn’t hurt my baby or myself was a high priority.”

We asked the pro to round up her top 10 greatest-hit products she has sworn by, and while they work wonders at enhancing her coveted “pregnancy glow,” Leary plans to incorporate the items in her routine long after she has her little one. “It was really educational, and I feel I have found products I can continue to use afterwards as well,” she adds. See Elle Leary’s beauty picks for expectant moms in our gallery!