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Real Marble Effect Nail Art
Marble image source: rockstella.ca

Today's inspiration came from out of the blue. I was browsing Etsy for some pattern inspiration as I was in the mood for something graphic and/or geometric, when all of a sudden I just thought it would be cool to do some marble effect nail art. 

I couldn't be happier with the outcome - I think my nails really could pass for solid marble and considering it's only my second time using the water spotted technique, I think I did a pretty swell job! I was going for 'veiny' rather than 'spotted' but I've found that using a hair spray that shoots out of the bottle pretty fast (although not aerosol) will make your dots spread further, even break apart, and look more like a marble effect.

1. I used two coats of Barry M White as my base colour.
2. Once that was dry, I shielded the skin around my nails with tape.
3. To create the marble effect, I used Sally Hansen Dorien Grey with the 'water spotted' technique (video tutorial here) then repeated with Rimmel Moon.
I used lukewarm water straight from the tap with VO5 Plump it Up Blow Dry Spray in case anyone is curious!
4. Finally, I finished it all off with two coats of Glisten & Glow HK Girl.

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