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Current Obsession: Dagne Dover Bags

Current Obsession: Dagne Dover Bags(Source: Dagne Dover Tote, $265)Is your purse a black hole? Do you routinely loose medium to large-sized objects (cell phone, wallet, tuna sammies, small children) in its dark depths? Then home girl, you and I have something in common—and we both need a Dagne Dover bag, stat.

Founded by three enterprising fashion-world vets who were tired of digging around for their somewhere-in-there phones, the upstart label specializes in sleek bags ($165–$345) with insanely organized interiors. As in, there's a special spot for your keys. And your laptop. And your tablet, water bottle and favorite pen.

Current Obsession: Dagne Dover Bags(Source: Dagne Dover)In a versatile black, tan or blue coated canvas, the regular size tote ($265) is perfect for travel and your daily to-and-from-the-office schlep. If you don't need to lug your laptop around town, the Mini Tote ($245–$345) is your best bet. (Bonus: it comes in a limited-edition floral leather this fall).

Current Obsession: Dagne Dover Bags(Source: Dagne Dover Clutch Wallets, $124–$235)Then there's the sleek, streamlined clutch wallet ($124–$235), which even has a dedicated sleeve for a tube of lip gloss. Use it as your wallet during the day, then clasp on the included gold chain to turn it into a big-night-out clutch. Genius, no?

Current Obsession: Dagne Dover Bags(Source: Dagne Dover)Grab yours here.