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It's Here... Boo Yeah Fantasma

Throwing it back to our favourite Halloween films we delve into the wardrobes of the fiercest villains yet. Halloween is a total scream with outfit inspiration from the meanest and dearest characters on set. Dark and gothic, this gang of ghouls come with a bad ass attitude and a mean get up that will have ‘em quivering in their step.
Wednesday Addams, The Addams Family
Styling out preppy from a young age, Wednesday Adams’ key piece is a buttoned up shirt layered with a jumper. We wouldn’t be pulling on those pigtails if we were you!
Ursula the Sea Witch, The Little Mermaid
She’s lippy with a good lipstick. It can’t be easy workin’ a maxi with six tentacles but boy, does she pull it off!
hocus pocus halloween
Sarah Sanderson, Hocus Pocus
It’s all about red lace for this witch. You can catch her on a broomstick wearing a devilish shade of red and a wicked piece of lace.
Bellatrix Lestrange, Harry Potter
Channelling gothic glamour, Bellatrix is as bad as it gets! She’s forever lacing up in fierce fishnet for an evil twist on a LBD.
the craft
Nancy, The Craft
Don’t mess with Nancy. She’s a witch with a bite and even nastier jewellery. Throwing it back to the nineties, she’s casting her spells on chokers and big earrings.
A heart of stone yet a beautifully overstated wardrobe, Maleficent isn’t one to shy away from attention. A horned headdress and an impressive pair of wings makes her fearless.