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My Favorite Products !

In this post I will show the products that I love and can not live without!

1* Neutrogena - The Neutrogena makeup remover for me is the best, he has a great smell, and best of all is that you need not be rubbing, you spend about 3 times on the spot you WANT REMOVE MAKEUP AND READY!

2* Nivea - The nivea cream, is a former love, I started using when I was about 13 years old, with my mother, and my mother learned from her aunt ..it leaves skin alive, great to get out in the sun, it protects the skin very well! Super recommend

1*Dove The Cream Dove hair .. I do not even know what to say, this cream is perfection, it's wonderful! I always step it after I come out of the shower with wet hair, and after passing the flat iron or dryer! And have a clue! 
Pass the cream with dry hair, wrap the hair for 15 minutes and let your hair down and you will see the result! the hair is wavy and beautiful, as if he'd just have done Babyliss .

2* Clear - It's great, but about two months ago I realized I had dandruff because of the use of the dryer and flat iron, and I decided to test the Clear! And I approve, it's great after two months of use, I have no more dandruff, and it is still pink hahaha .

1* Loreal bb cream - This bb cream Loreal is just perfect, she hides all the imperfections, marks and stains, and is optimal because it does not come out in the water, only with makeup remover! .

2* Maybelline - To talk about the mascara one of the best makeup brands of all time. 
I love this mascara, it leaves the super sexy and powerful look, and very voluminous lashes. 
Ps: I use a waterproof .