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The Best Celeb Halloween Costumes of the Past

Hollywood's Best Halloween Costumes

Katy Perry and Friend (2012)
Of all the BFF costumes to choose from, we commend Katy Perry and her friend for dressing up like Daria and Jane from the MTV animated series Daria. The 2D purse really brings the cartoon look together.

Katy Perry and Friend (2012)
Heidi Klum (2013)
Heidi Klum (2013)

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis (2001)
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis modeled their getups after the famous Barbie and Ken. The former governor of California went as Dr. Ken while the Halloween actress pulled inspiration from a vintage nurse doll
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis (2001)

Kim Kardashian(2011) Poison Ivy
Kim Kardashian (2011)

Lo Bosworth(2008) Little Red Riding Hood look.
Lo Bosworth (2008)

Amanda Seyfriend (2010) Dog
Amanda Seyfried (2010)

Ellen DeGeneres (2012) Sofia Vergara
Ellen DeGeneres (2012)

Nicole Richie, Joel Madden and Their Kids (2013) Addams Family
Nicole Richie, Joel Madden and Their Kids (2013)

Rebecca Minkoff (2010) Frida Kahlo
Rebecca Minkoff (2010)

Hilary Duff (2013) Mouse
Hilary Duff (2013)

Alyson Hannigan and Baby(2009)
Alyson Hannigan and Baby (2009)

Miley Cyrus (2013) Lil Kim
Miley Cyrus (2013)
Dakota Fanning(2006) Snow White
Dakota Fanning (2006)

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian (2012) Grease
LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian (2012)

Emma Roberts (2012)
Emma Roberts got playful by dressing up as her aunt Julia Roberts's character from Pretty Woman. Using your family—famous or not—for costume inspiration isn't such a bad idea.
Emma Roberts (2012)

Lauren Conrad (2012) Britney Spears
Lauren Conrad (2011)