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Brand Spotlight: StyleSaint

Brand Spotlight: StyleSaint(Source: StyleSaint Graysen Tank, $75 $48; Scallop Skirt, $88; Monk Dress, $148)When StyleSaint first hit our radar, we immediately fell in love with the LA brand's girly, gorgeous duds. But the ethereal silk tops and hippie-chic lace minis aren't just adorable—they are some of the most consciously-created garments we've ever encountered. Unlike most of the fast fashion in our closets (guilty as charged), this under-$200 line is made sustainably, ethically and with eco-friendly practices in a closed loop in LA. The result? Wickedly chic (and totally wearable) looks that are as good for the world as they are for your wardrobe.

Brand Spotlight: StyleSaint
(Source: StyleSaint Saint Celine Dress, $168; Cara Sarong Skirt, $96)But don't just take our word for it. For each of StyleSaint's garments, founder Allison Beal dishes some real, hard facts. That floaty wrap dress ($182)? It took six hours of ethical labor, used six yards of sustainable fabric and saved 1,285 gallons of water (compared to conventional garment manufacturing practices). It's eye-opening stuff for sure. And, given the line's cool, Coachella-worthy aesthetic, it's pretty darn easy to get behind this worthy mission.
Brand Spotlight: StyleSaint(Source: StyleSaint Silk Adele Top, $94; Faye Wrap Dress, $119)To score your own consciously-made wares, head here