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11 Real-Life Locations That Inspired Your Favorite Disney Films
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Disney movies are always filled with magical castles, scenic landscapes, and postcard-perfect towns. However, the artists who brought these fairytale images to life had to draw inspiration from somewhere. Below you'll discover the stunning real-life locations behind your favorite Disney films. Here's proof you don't have to pack your bags and head to Disneyland to find a bit of magic.

The Castle from 'Sleeping Beauty'

Inspired by: Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany 

The Royal Palace in 'Tangled'

Inspired by: Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, France
You may have recently heard of the island community after the 'high tide of the century' flooded the roads leading up to the abbey. 

Prince Eric's Castle in 'The Little Mermaid'

Inspired by: Chateau de Chillon in Switzerland
The island castle is situated on the eastern shores of Lake Geneva. However, we highly doubt curious mermaids are lurking in the nearby waters. 

Elsa's Castle in 'Frozen'

Inspired by: Hotel de Glace in Quebec City, Canada
Though it doesn't look like Elsa's infamous castle, it's still the first and only true ice hotel in North America, so that has to count for something. 

Pacha's Village in 'The Emperor's New Groove'

Inspired by: Machu Picchu in Peru 

The Sultan's Palace in 'Aladdin'

Inspired by: The Taj Mahal in Agra, India

Paradise Falls in Disney Pixar's 'Up'

Inspired by: Angel Falls in Canaima National Park, Venezuela 

The Castle in 'Cinderella' 

Inspired by: Alcazar of Segovia in Segovia, Spain

 The Beast's Castle in 'Beauty and the Beast'

Inspired by: Chateau de Chambord in France

The Castle in 'Brave' 

Inspired by: Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland
Can't you see Merida running around the country's western highlands with her bow and arrow? 

Belle's Little Town in 'Beauty and the Beast' 

Inspired by: The Alsace region in France 

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